EPISODE 5: Drag Queens and the American Library Association vs. Children

Drag Queen Story Hours are taking the country by storm. Grown men dressed as grotesque and sexually provocative caricatures of women go into public libraries to “teach” prepubescent children about gender fluidity.

Amazingly, there is virtually no organization willing and able to stand up to this child abuse movement.

Pro-lifers are often accused by leftist abortion advocates of only caring about children until they are born. The Personhood Alliance is showing the falsity of this claim by getting involved in fighting the dangerous Drag Queen Story Hours.

In this podcast we interview one woman who has decided to do something about this insanity. Georgia Kijesky is the head of Personhood Maryland and has recently been featured on EWTN and the Heritage Foundation where she has shared her experience battling a perverse library intent on corrupting the children of this rural Maryland community.

Read more about how the American Library Association has orchestrated these efforts: https://personhood.org/2019/07/18/dra… https://personhood.org/2019/06/10/lib…

Watch Georgia Kijesky on EWTN: https://youtu.be/PiyvdaZ-RnQ

Watch Georgia Kijesky at the Heritage Foundation: https://youtu.be/ITzUflDtNQU

Watch the St. Mary’s County Commissioners meeting: https://youtu.be/p29YabWu73I?t=609 (note the warning at the beginning of the video and compare it to the lack of warning to children exposed to this material at the library)

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