Month: October 2019

EPISODE 4: The Courts vs. the Pro-Life Movement

Is the United States a republic ruled by the people and for the people, or is it a government by the judiciary? As proudly reported by NARAL, every pro-life abortion ban passed in the last year has now been enjoined (blocked) by a federal district court.  So now what do we do? Thankfully, ALL of…

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EPISODE 3: Guttmacher Report Deep Dive

Some pro-life organizations say their efforts are responsible for the historic low abortion rates reported by Planned Parenthood’s research arm, the Guttmacher Institute. Meanwhile, the report itself claims that it is increased access to contraception, and not the effect of pro-life laws that has lowered abortion rates. Personhood Alliance president, Gualberto Garcia Jones, and Personhood…

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EPISODE 2: Is National Right to Life the Pro-Life Movement’s Worst Enemy?

Is the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) the worst enemy of the pro-life movement? For decades the pro-life movement has been divided as to strategy and the immorality of compromising with the evil of abortion, but on August 12, 2019, James Bopp, general counsel of National Right to Life, went so far as to…

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